A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

From the Famicase:

"Zack Stewart/Graphic Designer & Musician

Do you want to become a field recording master? Using the controller's built-in microphone and a portable power supply and TV set (sold separately), take your console outside and capture the beautiful sounds of nature in pristine low fidelity!"

Created by Kas (@theStaticMan) and Julian (@solimporta)


In Family Field Recorder, you will be dropped into an open world with a field recorder and a house with some special abilities. Wander the wilderness gathering sounds and samples. When you're done, return to the house and see what kind of music you can make with the sequencer. It's that simple! 

Julian and I will continue to work on this on and off the next couple of months, but for now we consider this to be an illustrative proof of concept. Check back for updates along the way. 

Feel free to check out the github here if you are interested in replicating any of this stuff in Unity.

Install instructions

When you download the Windows .zip package, unzip it and you will find many things in the folder. 

To play the game, double click the FamilyFieldRecorder.exe file. 

Once inside, you can either use WASD to move or left-click the mouse to move forward and right-click to move backward.

Fiddle around with the field recorder and the sequencer enough and both should become intuitive in no time.

IMPORTANT: All your recorded audio clips from field recording will appear in the savedClips folder. Any samples you make at the machine in your house will appear in the savedSamples folder and any of your recorded sequences will appear in the savedSequences folder. (On mac, right click on the app and click on 'show package contents' to find these folders!)

On mac, you might have to move the game somewhere other than your downloads folder (like the desktop) for the recording function to work! 


Family Field Recorder Windows 65 MB
Family Field Recorder Mac 69 MB