A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Stereophyta is a virtual musical world in which all the elements strive to coexist in harmony. It is an experiment in player expression and player freedom. I wanted all storytelling to come through interaction, exploration, and the player’s ability to listen. The ultimate goal of the game is to envelop players in a world of complexity that may at first seem overwhelming. As time progresses, the player is encouraged to observe and discover how all these elements are related and to see the potential therein to create music and order based on the ruleset.

The ruleset is made up of three systemic pillars: rhythm producers, like the wind, rain, and the people who are made of rocks; sound producers, such as the plants and the rocks; and non-player characters, i.e. the people who form cultures and groups around these other elements. These systems transform the music-making process from one of memorization and skill, to one of spatial exploration and composition.

Everyone has a different idea of what sounds ‘good’, of what music is, and of what noise is. These notions are often rooted in the contexts of both our language and our culture. I wanted to explore these conceptions and to understand how it was that humans were able to first hear music and thus, over millennia, develop the means to compose it. This means that inherently, the game’s goal is illusive. The game beckons you to discover how it is constructed and what it means to exist in a place where the flow of time leads to no end.

*Note:  The game is still in development in Unity. This Demo was released for the NYU student showcase and remains here as an archive of what it once was. The current version receives updates and releases here

This is not the same Stereophyta as the one listed on @eastoned  itch profile, though it is a continuation of the same project.

Install instructions

Download the folder and unzip it. For Mac, simply double click the .app folder to run it. For PC, make sure all the unzipped files end up in the same place then double click the .exe to run the game. 

In-game, you will use only the mouse to play. Left click most objects to interact. Right click to use an object which your character is holding (i.e. plant seeds, or drop a windmill). Besides that, just explore and try to have fun!


Stereophyta Mac 110 MB
Stereophyta PC 106 MB

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