A downloadable dream for Windows and macOS

Atom's Echo was originally developed as a supplemental release to epilogue simulator, a project by the late JRPG Combat Systems. I was inspired by the Silent Hill games and an image of a forest laden with mist accompanied by the Robert Rich album, Echo of Small Things. 

This game tells the story of Adam, a physics professor who's lost his mind in the woods. You play as a detective sent to find him. This project is also a reframing of the techniques I used to make Family Field Recorder. In contrast to that game, this game explores the idea of helplessness as you wander the woods and become further lost in a dense fog. The only thing carrying you forward is the voice on the radio. 

I was also technically paid to make this game, since I spent a large chunk of time working on it while freelancing at a studio where I was not assigned to any projects. The lead programmer told me he didn't know what I should do. I said "Is it fine if I just work on this game?" and he said "I could care less." Sometimes he would peer over my shoulder as I worked on it and say "That looks cool. I wish I had your job" and I would think to myself, what kind of world am I living in? 

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it. I will one day make something like this again. Maybe. 

Install instructions

Just download and unzip. Instructions will appear on screen before you begin. 


Atom's Echo Mac 143 MB
Atom's Echo PC 141 MB

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